What is Kodi and how it works

Kodi is an open-source multimedia technology that provides an array of features for streaming, playing, and managing multimedia content. It has been used for years for its user-friendly interface, multi-platform support and range of features. Kodi is designed to work on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and MacOS, and is highly customizable, so users can adapt it to their exact needs. When properly set up and configured, Kodi can provide an easy and centralized access point for all media stored on a home network, while also offering access to online streaming services. In this way, Kodi efficiently consolidates many entertainment sources into one straightforward interface.

What is Kodi

Kodi is a platform that allows streaming content and was launched in 2002, although at that time it was called Xbox Media Player. Then, it was renamed Xbox Media Center and, later, in 2014, XBMC Foundation (the owners of the app), changed the name to Kodi. Within the system you will find everything from the best movies and series to videos and music.

Kodi is an open source streaming platform that has a huge library of content compatible with various devices.

In addition to content, Kodi also serves to store whatever you want to watch at any time. The best thing about the app is that it will work on most existing operating systems, so limitations will not be a problem. Because of the freedoms it offers, Kodi is an efficient open source media center. You will watch content on any device, whether it is your TV, computer, mobile, tablet, etc.

The platform has its own interface and is compatible with the local and network storage services you use. Despite all the good stuff, Kodi doesn’t come with the programming ready to view, you’ll have to do a few things first to access it.

How Kodi works

The system is ready to run on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows and Raspberry Pi. It can also run on set-top boxes, streaming devices and consoles such as the Xbox One. The free app has the most important features, so you won’t pay for extra add-ons.

When you have installed Kodi, just by logging into the app, the menu will allow you to select pictures, videos, music and more. Just choose what you want and download the content that is enabled. Automatically, the system will catalog the channels for you to find them easily.

How to configure Kodi

Kodi itself has a tutorial for you to learn how to use the app correctly. Within the arrangements it makes it possible to configure the remote to work with the system. To make the platform more efficient, Kodi has a series of completes that offer more content. For example, if you want to watch movies and TV shows, some of the most useful ones are The Magic Dragon, Asgard, 4k Addon and Black Lightning.

Something valuable is that it also covers sports programs and broadcasts, the best supports for this are The Crew, Apex Sports and Rising Tides. You can be sure that with those addons we have given you the Kodi service will improve remarkably.

Is Kodi legal?

Yes it is legal because it allows you to do whatever you want with it, it does not come with any type of signal or channel installed without permission from the TV station or service. It will be up to you to install the add-ons, but the truth is that there are many that offer public and quality content that is not protected by copyright.

Is it worth it?

Kodi is the perfect ally to stream content such as movies, series and shows to all the devices in your home without hassle. Now, if downloading and installing add-ons bothers you and you want something intuitive and immediate that doesn’t require extra work, this application may not meet your demands.

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