What is Magis TV and how it works

Magis TV is a streaming platform that offers a wide catalog of television channels and also a video on demand section with thousands of movies, series and documentaries. However, its peculiarity is that it does not have the rights to the content found on the platform, which can cause legal problems.

How to access Magis TV: price and availability

Magis TV operates like any other service that has content via streaming. To start using it, you need to access its website (https://magistv.film/) and download the Magis application on your smart TV, smartphone or any other device with an Internet connection such as a computer or even the Fire Stick.

When accessing, you will have to create an account and subscribe to the service using a username and password. The subscription is priced at nine dollars per month, which gives access to the service's content. You can enjoy it on up to three devices at the same time.

Magis TV devices

Once inside the platform there are mainly two sections. One with the different online channels provided by the service and, on the other hand, a video-on-demand space where movies, series and documentaries are hosted.

This space has its own search bar so you can find the material you want quickly and also allows you to mark what you want as a favorite to create your own library. It includes new releases, movie premieres and classics from other platforms such as HBO, Netflix, Disney Plus, etc.

Is Magis TV a legal platform?

For much of the content found on Magis TV, the platform does not have the broadcast rights. Curiously, subscription plans are offered to access content that, in some cases, may not be respecting copyright.

The content accessed is also not controlled, which can put security at risk if it links to malicious software or code. Additionally, in order to use the app you will have to grant the platform permission to access your location and the device's files and camera, which can represent a risk.

That is why it is recommended not to download Magis TV, so as not to be falling into a situation that could involve a crime. Furthermore, supporting piracy is a dishonest act that only benefits the individuals who are responsible for stealing content.

Recently, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment association has requested the closure of Magis TV and included it on its list of illegal TV services before the United States authorities.

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