What is marketing automation?

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Marketing automation or “marketing automation” is a technique that involves the use of software to perform marketing actions automaticallyThis allows a company’s resources to be managed much more efficiently by automating repetitive tasks.

Marketing automation allows you to automate a large part of the actions of a marketing strategy and properly mature leads to improve sales.

The goal of “marketing automation” is to offer users a personalized customer experienceobtaining a greater number of leads and revenue. An example would be to automatically send an email to a user who has performed an action on a website, for example, subscribed or made a purchase.

Marketing automation allows businesses to grow quickly and engage more customers without having to put more resources at stake. Following the example above, when a user has made a purchase or added certain products to their wish list, it is possible to send them a personalized email with more products in the same or related categories.

At the same time, by automating certain tasks, it is possible to eliminates the risk of human errorwhile minimizing distractions. An example of this could be a chatbot that will respond immediately to users, sending the most appropriate information to the user’s demand.

One of the biggest advantages of “marketing automation” is that it allows to design automatic lead education and maturation processes, using a database. In this way, it is possible to send the user the most appropriate content to their tastes and needs, allowing them to advance in a more “natural” way through the sales tunnel.

In this sense, by using automated systems, it is possible to detect the moment when a user is “ready” to receive a certain type of offer taking into account their profile and their behavior with the company’s content and products.

Types of marketing automation

There are many systems and types of “marketing automation”, however, the most common ones are lead nurturing and lead scoring, which we explain below:

-“Lead Nurturing: Lead Nurturing or “Lead Nurturing” is usually based on a chain of emails that are sent automatically after a user who views a page or website performs a specific action on it.

-“Lead Scoring.” Lead scoring, on the other hand, is a process in which it evaluates in which phase of the buying process each lead contained within a database is in. In combination with the previous process, it is possible to create an automatic system that sends personalized offers at the most appropriate time for the user to buy.

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