What is Mercado Play and how does it work?

What is Mercado Play

Play Market is a new audiovisual streaming platform that Mercado Libre, the e-commerce giant, has made available to its customers in Mexico.

Mercado Libre ventures into the audiovisual streaming market with the announcement of Mercado Play in Latin America.

The service was launched in August 2023 through Mercado Libre’s mobile app, and its arrival is also expected to occur gradually in other Latin American countries such as Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, among others.

A key feature of Mercado Play is that the vast majority of the content is totally free. However, in exchange for this, the service includes advertisements. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the platform’s library offers series, movies and Disney Plus programs, which can be accessed as a level 6 user.

With this initiative, as the company of Argentine origin admits, the objective is to enrich the experience of its users and, ultimately, to expand the possibilities for merchants and brands to offer their products and services.

How to access Mercado Play

In the countries where the novelty is already available, you only need to have installed the Mercado Libre app for Android and iOS and have a profile on the platform. In fact, to start enjoying the service, it is not even necessary to make a subscription or any other kind of extra registration.

In which countries is Mercado Play available

For now, it is known that Mercado Play works in Mexico. However, Mercado Libre has announced that the service will soon be available in different parts of Latin America, such as Chile and Argentina.

Later on, it is expected that the platform can be used in other areas such as Ecuador, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil and Colombia. It is not known if the service could reach other territories, such as European countries.

What can be watched on Mercado Play

The catalog of this new streaming platform is really varied and the vast majority of programs, series and movies can be watched for free. Basically, in Mercado Play users can watch, in addition to the aforementioned content, documentaries, children’s programming, reality shows and different television programs.

As mentioned at the beginning, Mercado Play also offers Disney Plus audiovisual content. However, to access this, the person must be a level 6 user.

Likewise, according to the plans announced by Mercado Libre, the platform will also serve as a kind of integrator of other streaming services such as Star Plus, HBO Max, Paramount Plus, among others.

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