What is Microsoft Clarity Analytics and what is it for?

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Microsoft Clarity is a tool for user behavior analysis and website debugging. Clarity provides information about how users interact with the website, which differentiates it from similar tools such as Google Analytics.

Microsoft Clarity is a tool that analyzes user behavior on a website and provides us with information using artificial intelligence.

While other analytics tools focus on providing information about traffic, keywords or popularity of a particular web page, Microsoft Clarity is focuses on user experiencethis provides us with a lot of information about how our readers behave when accessing and navigating our website.

Using the behavioral information we get, we can implement improvements, find bugs, and gain insights on how to improve conversions. Clarity even offers machine learning and certain AI components that automatically generate information based on patterns created by user behavior. In this way, we can discover usage and engagement patterns in different sections of a website and even replay a user’s sessions to see how they interact.

In terms of privacy issues, it is worth noting that Microsoft Clarity complies with European data protection law. In addition, unlike other similar tools, it does not have a limitation to the traffic it can measure, so it does not matter that we have millions of monthly visits.

Microsoft Clarity functionalities

Among the functionalities of Microsoft Clarity heat maps stand outare among the most complete we can find. These maps show user engagement with different parts of the web page, where users are clicking and give us an idea of which elements of our web page are the most important.

They also have heat maps that show us how far users are scrolling on our web pages. In this way, we can know when a text is read completely or, on the contrary, if it is abandoned before reaching the middle.

On the other hand, it allows us to record sessions so that we can see exactly what a user does when accessing our website. At the same time, it has a feature called “Rage Clicks” that shows us those parts of the web page that the user expects to be interactive and that he clicks on without getting a result.

Finally, we have the “Clarity Insights”, information collected through machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence with which we can see in a clear and simple way all the navigation information of our users.

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