What is Microsoft Teams and how it works

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Teams is Microsoft’s application for collaboratively manage activity between workgroups.both face-to-face and hybrid. It allows to unify in a single platform different tools that facilitate the connection, organization and information, regardless of where the members of the working group are located.

In the second half of 2023 Microsoft will add new capabilities based on artificial intelligence to Teams Premium.

To this end, it brings together different tools such as:

-Chat: Allows exchange of direct messages.

-Teams: Communication between teams and channels through conversations and file exchange.

-Calendar: In sync with Outlook coordinates appointments and meetings.

-Applications: Look for familiar applications and explore new ones that allow you to customize, simplify and manage the way you work.

Microsoft Teams features one free and three paid options. The features of the free version are as follows:

Free Microsoft Teams features

-Unlimited number of online meetings between two users up to 30 hours in duration.

-Unlimited number of online group meetings up to 60 minutes in duration.

-Maximum of 100 participants per meeting

-5 Gb of cloud storage per user

-File, task and survey sharing.

-Encrypted data for meetings, chat conversations, calls, and files

Microsoft Teams premium options

As for the paid versions, there are three modes:

-Microsoft Teams Essentials (3.40 euros per user per month): Includes all the features present in the free version plus unlimited group meetings of up to 30 hours, up to 300 participants per meeting and 10 GB of cloud storage per user.

-Microsoft 365 Enterprise Basic (€5.10 per user per month): Includes all features present in Microsoft Teams Essentials plus collaborative annotation in Teams meetings, live captioning in meetings (in more than 30 languages), team meeting recordings with transcripts, extended cloud storage of 1 Tb per user, and Microsoft Office applications and services (Teams, Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

-Microsoft 365 Enterprise Standard ($10.50 per user per month): Includes all the features present in Microsoft Teams Enterprise Basic, plus desktop versions of Office applications with premium features, webinar hosting, attendee registration, and customer appointment management and reporting tools.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams with Artificial Intelligence

In addition Microsoft has added to the Premium version of Teams such a powerful tool as the. artificial intelligence which provides GPT-3.5 specialized in natural language recognition and processing. This adds a number of new capabilities such as the automated generation of notes, tasks or highlighting the most important things in meetings. For this purpose, GPT-3.5 uses templates, both predefined and customizable, which allows even those who were not present at a meeting conducted through Teams Premium to have such notes and records intelligently at their disposal.

This makes it easier to take advantage of virtual meetings in a way that is especially practical and useful for those who cannot attend them or the entirety of their development, either because they have to attend to other tasks or because they are in different time zones that may complicate or prevent attendance.

This provides a final summary of the meeting but also. a complete transcript in which the part corresponding to each of the speakers is highlighted.. The work of GPT-3.5 even extends to providing a guide to the issues discussed at the meeting, even segmented by “chapters”. Mentions of one of the participants made by other interlocutors are also noted.

Other new features include the possibility of watermarking the content shared during meetings, in order to provide greater security for the use that can be made of such materials.

In the second half of 2023 Microsoft will add new features to Teams Premium related to this intelligent recognition of the contents of virtual meetings held through the platform. Others that are restricted only to the paid version of Teams are:

-Subtitles in real time.

-Funds customized for Meeting Mode.

-Protection methods Such as watermarking and labeling of inappropriate content.

-Possibility to limit to some participants the ability to record meetings and copy text from the chat.

The release of Teams Premium bolstered with AI capabilities comes shortly after Microsoft announced a multibillion-dollar ($10 billion) investment in OpenAI, the developer organization behind the popular ChatGPT AI.

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