What is Mubi and how to subscribe to the auteur cinema platform?

Mubi is an online subscription service offering auteur cinema – the best art house and independant films, hand-picked and celebrated by an international team of curators. It’s a great way to explore a carefully curated selection of film culture and discover unique gems from around the world. To subscribe to Mubi, you can sign up directly on the website or by downloading the mobile app.

mubi streaming platform

Mubi is a streaming platform that offers a carefully curated selection of. high quality international films.

Mubi has an extensive catalog full of cult films, independent titles and auteur films.

In this sense, it follows a content policy similar to Filmin, as it offers titles that are not easily found on other streaming services. However, instead of focusing on the best Spanish films and nationally produced series, the Mubi platform focuses on international arthouse films. It also pays attention to classic, cult and modern masterpieces.

Mubi’s content offerings

Every day Mubi offers a selection of about thirty titles created by the most reputable filmmakers. It also chooses what will be “the film of the day”. In many cases, these are films from all eras that are not found on any other platform or are even very difficult to find even in physical format.

From independent cinema to films that were already cult decades ago, the cinephile of refined and even minority taste will find on this platform a huge catalog of titles to choose from that is regularly renewed.

Among its contents you will also find works by new or award-winning directors from all over the world. In addition, it has an extensive catalog of specials containing double sessions, retrospectives or films selected at the most prestigious festivals. Mubi also offers access to Notebook, a complete magazine with the latest news, interviews and reviews from the world of contemporary and classic cinema.

How to subscribe to Mubi

The Mubi app is available for mobile devices (iOS and Android operating systems), computers (via web browser), game consoles (PS4), media players (Amazon Fire TV, AppleTV, Google Chromecast) as well as SmartTVs.

As for the price, Mubi has the option of. to try its contents for free for seven days. It also offers the possibility of giving away (or purchasing for oneself) a subscription for three months for €29.99 or the full year for €79.99. For students, they can access a subscription for €5.99 per month after an initial thirty-day trial period.

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