What is NFC and what is it for

What NFC is for

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a short-range wireless communication standard. It provides high security in the data exchange process and enables, among other things, payments via services such as Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

NFC has much shorter range than Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but pairing is extremely fast and stable.

Although it has some limitations of use compared to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi operation, NFC is present in different types of smart devices. Its use is so common that, for example, it is integrated in many cheap cell phones and even in most of the best smartwatches.

If you want to know more about NFC and its main qualities, read on.

How NFC works

Actually, NFC is not a new technology. Basically, NFC is an advanced version of RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, technology, which is quite old. In fact, if you are familiar with using cards to open hotel doors or to enter a building, then you already know what NFC is all about.

Both NFC and RFID work because of the principle of inductive coupling. When you bring your NFC-tagged device close to a reader device, it will generate a magnetic field that will be responsible for carrying out the pairing without the need for wires. Once the wireless contact is complete, data transfer begins immediately.

What NFC is for

These are some of the main uses of the technology:

– It enables contactless payments through services such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, as with many credit and debit cards today.

– It can also be used in video game consoles such as Nintendo Switch. For example, there are action figures that incorporate NFC chips. By bringing such a toy close to your console, you receive game add-ons, collectibles, etc.

– One advantage is its speed of pairing, which is quite useful for use in devices that are compatible with this technology, but do not have a screen.

– In most of the world’s major capitals, such as Hong Kong, London or Madrid, you can pay for transport services using your smartphone’s NFC connection.

– It is compatible with many platforms for controlling devices in smart homes, such as Apple’s Home Assistant and HomeKit.

– Prior to the release of Nearby Share, on Android you could exchange any type of files or data between devices employing NFC.

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