what is personalized marketing and how to use it?


Personalized marketing is a marketing strategy that seeks to better understand and connect with customers, by offering personalized experiences. This is done by using real-time data and information to deliver relevant messages and offers.

Marketing personalization seeks to analyze customers and provide them with personalized details, communications and offers.

Personalization as a strategy represents a shift from what had been a traditional one-size-fits-all approach that prioritizes scope and breadth of the audience to methods that target customers based on their needs and interests. To this end, emphasis is placed on tailoring messages and individuals or to certain buyer segments.

Personalized marketing or marketing personalization is a set of tactics employed by practitioners that focus primarily on remembering key customer details, but it encompasses more, as it is also based on the user experience analysis and also in making assumptions based on these same experiences.

In this sense, we can summarize in that personalization is the process by which brands tailor their offers, communications and advertising to the needs of each buyer. For their part, customers expect such personalized experiences, so it is important that marketers use personalization tactics and become accustomed to using data analytics tools from which to extract the information to personalize these messages.

Personalization can start with something as simple as using a user’s name in the communications we do, for example, addressing the user personally when we send an email. We may also personalize messages by offering recommendations based on location or past purchases.

Customers also expect closer experiences wherever these brands are located. That’s why marketers must ensure that their content satisfies the needs of their customers personal needs of their audienceto do this, they must analyze the customer journey to help ensure that these experiences are optimized and personalized.

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