What is ping and internet latency?

The parameter by which the service offered by an Internet connection is usually measured is the speed, which is usually referred to as downloads, and more or less attention is paid to the upload speed of files depending on usage or needs. However, there are two determining parameters that tend to go unnoticed, although they are essential: Ping and latency.

Ping and latency can become more important than speed in determining the quality of an Internet connection

If the speed refers to the bandwidth available on the connection, it means that at a higher speed the data packets sent and received can possibly be larger, but in general the exact time it takes for a data packet to complete is just as important the network. This is latency, and it expresses that Immediacy of the connectionthe better, the lower the number it expresses. This means that the data packet takes very little time to circulate between computers.

The unit of measure for the degree of latency is Milliseconds, and when counting the term ping. Therefore, it is desirable to have a low ping in certain circumstances, which are explained below:

-Online video games: It is important to have a low ping so that the images, sounds and data arrive as quickly as possible in order not to have any disadvantages with the other players.

-Video call / video conference: A high ping creates an annoying experience as it creates lag issues between the sound and the picture when using a video calling app and makes the communication itself difficult, which is established due to the existence of a gap between the picture and the sound accessed by the interlocutors .

-Streaming: Derived from this lack of synchronization, the problem can jump to other uses and affect the consumption of streaming content. If the resolution is low when the image is played back, jumps in the audio.

– Remote management: Either a monitor or devices like another computer (thanks to the desktop sharing and remote desktop functions in Windows and Mac or through programs like TeamViewer) can be managed remotely, but only with the same flexibility as whoever is physically in front of it the device when the connection is fluid so that there are no delays.

How to improve the ping

There are various websites and apps that are used to measure internet speed, some even specifically for Android smartphones, but once the connection speed is known (which may vary depending on the circumstances) some actions can be taken that include a Enabling ringing:

-Better connection via cable than via WiFi: The convenience of wireless cannot match the security and speed of using a cable. It can be a decorative nightmare at home or a huge hassle of setting up a cable run from the router to the workplace, but the best and easiest way to improve (by decreasing) latency is to forget about the WiFi network by using the computer to the router via a cable.

-The VPN offers security, but slows down surfing: Virtual private networks (VPNs for its acronym) are highly effective at protecting the security and privacy of computers that have access to the Internet by encrypting connections. This means relocating and hiding the IP address from which the connection is maintained, which can, for example, access content that is blocked for geographical reasons. Even so, VPNs are highly recommended when connecting to public WiFi services.

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