What is Quora and how can you use it to improve SEO?


Quora is a social network based on a dynamic of questions and answers created in 2009 and with more than 200 million users. First of all, you may remember other platforms like Yahoo! Reply. The goal of this social network is to share and expand knowledge as each member can ask and answer questions.

Quora provides a platform where you can answer questions from users and present yourself as an expert on a specific topic.

When a user signs up for Quora for free, they can choose a number of interesting topics. When selecting interests, questions about the selected topics are displayed on the user’s home page. The goal of the social network is very simple, offer the best possible answer.

How do I use Quora to improve SEO?

Quora provides a good platform to improve a site’s SEO as long as you know how to use the network. Here are some tips on using Quora to improve page SEO.

-Subjects: Quora has an internal search engine where you can search for any topic. The internal search enables content to be structured and questions to be defined on specific topics. These searches allow users to find new topics for future content.

-Links to the website: When offering a response on Quora, you can include an image, video, or link, provided that it is done naturally and the response becomes more valuable. These links are “nofollow”, although Google may use them in their EAT. You should never include just one link as users will consider it spam and will rate the response negatively.

-Create Authority: Quora provides a platform for creating a base of authority for a website. By properly answering questions and offering value, a user can become an expert on a particular subject.

-Call: Another aspect that Google takes into account in the EAT. Answering many questions about Quora and doing them correctly can improve a website’s reputation as the users being helped visit the website of the author of the answer to learn more about that person and their work.

– Questions and keywords: Many of the results on Google for questions come from Quora. In this case, a complete and detailed answer can be offered, which offers great added value and naturally leaves a link. Although the ideal is that it is your own content that appears in the first results from Google, a response from Google also serves for positioning.

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