What is Roku TV and how it works

What is Roku TV

Roku TV is an application launcher and digital content streaming operating system developed by the eponymous American company. To be more precise, this service is an equivalent of Google TV, the personalization layer that comes pre-installed on some smart TVs and Chromecast devices.

Access thousands of channels and any streaming platform thanks to Roku TV.

Precisely, on Roku TV you can watch an impressive variety of Internet TV channels. The system allows, through a compatible smart TV, TV Box Roku, Roku Stick or Roku Streambar, to access other streaming platforms. Among them, there are names such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, YouTube, among others. In fact, there is also a method to watch Apple TV Plus on Roku.

It is worth noting that to start using Roku TV you do not need any kind of subscription, only to have purchased any of the devices offered by the manufacturer. Basically, you plug or connect the device to your TV and get access to all the content available on the platform.

Roku TV also comes installed by default on some of the best Smart TVs on the market, such as high-end Samsung branded ones.

How Roku TV works

In addition to Roku smart TVs, the other ways that exist to access this platform are the TV Box, the streambar and the stick, which is a device similar to the Amazon Fire Stick. Then, to start viewing the content, you just have to plug in the TV or connect the external device via an HDMI cable.

Unlike cable or satellite TV, Roku TV streams over the Internet. Therefore, you must have a stable connection and broadband fast enough to watch streaming content.

Finally, once you have established all the necessary connections, you can start enjoying thousands of free channels (with ads) and install apps as you would on any smart TV. In addition, you can watch your favorite series, movies and shows with your profile on subscription services like Netflix or HBO Max.

What you can watch on Roku TV

As we mentioned earlier, on Roku TV you can access thousands of channels, many of them totally free and others by subscription, on demand and some live. Also, on the platform you can get a wide variety of local channels owned by Roku of different themes.

The Roku Channel deserves a special mention, where you can access an extensive catalog of movies and TV shows. This service is completely free, but includes ads.

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