What is Samsung Pass and how it works

What is Samsung Pass

Samsung Pass is a password manager that lets you save your logins on the Internet and social networks. Then, when you use those services again, you won’t have to enter your password and data manually because they will be registered in the platform. The access credentials will be activated in the trusted areas that are stored on the mobile.

If you forget a password or have different passwords for each service, Samsung Pass will help you with password management.

Samsung Pass not only stores usernames and passwords, it will also store addresses, credit and debit card information and confidential notes you have on your phone. The data that is on this platform will be part of Android’s “autocomplete” feature so you don’t have to type it over and over again. For ease of use, Pass is integrated into the Samsung keyboard, so you can access this tool whenever you want.

Who can use Samsung Pass?

To access the system you need to have a Samsung device, Android 8 or higher and a registered Samsung account. In terms of support, any app or platform that supports Android’s autocomplete feature will be compatible with Samsung Pass. This platform cannot be used on a non-Samsung device and will not be enabled on a non-Samsung Internet browser.

Setup and usage

The tool is automatic, once you log into Samsung Internet it should be activated. To enable Samsung Pass, install the app and log in to your account. Then follow this procedure:

– Enter “Settings” and press on “Biometrics and security”.

– While in “Biometrics and security”, click on “Samsung Pass” to configure the tool.

– Use the default biometric authentication method to unlock the device.

– Now a menu of options will appear, there manage each of the credentials. There are also three vertical dots in the top corner of the screen, if you click there, you will access the settings to modify the authentication method.

Finally, to enable autocomplete, do the following:

– Being in “Settings”, scroll down and enter “General Administration”.

– Then, tap on “Passwords and autofill” – “Autofill service” to open the options.

– Check the “Autocomplete with Samsung Pass” checkbox.

– A pop-up window will appear, choose “OK” for the tool to go into function.

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