What is Samsung TV Plus and what does it offer

What is Samsung TV Plus

Samsung TV Plus is the option to watch live TV channels offered by the South Korean technology giant on its smart TVs. In 2014, the company decided to launch this service by incorporating it into its series of smart TVs. Since then, the platform has been evolving to become one of the best alternatives in the universe of AVOD (advertising-based video on demand) services.

Samsung TV Plus is free and offers the ability to watch more than 1200 channels.

In reality, Samsung TV Plus does not intend to rival platforms such as Netflix or Apple TV Plus. Mainly because its offer is not focused on marketing exclusive content or by subscription.

How to access Samsung TV Plus

When it was launched, Samsung TV Plus could only be enjoyed on Samsung smarts TV. Subsequently, in 2020, the Asian manufacturer decided to introduce the platform also on mobile devices of the brand.

For now Samsung TV Plus is available on Samsung smart TVs, smartphones and tablets. There is also a web version since 2021, but its use is exclusive to users in South Korea and the United States.

To access Samsung TV Plus is therefore necessary to have a device of the brand, but not only that. The service is only available in 24 countries worldwide, being one of the streaming platforms available in Spain and some Latin American countries.

What content does Samsung TV Plus offer

Samsung TV Plus does not have its own catalog of content like that offered by platforms such as Disney Plus or Amazon Prime Video.

Therefore, by preferring this platform you will be able to watch an extensive variety of news channels, sports, entertainment, movies, international, comedy, music, games and much more.

Samsung TV Plus offers more than 1,200 channels in the 24 countries where it is available, although not all territories offer the same content.

How much does Samsung TV Plus cost

Samsung TV Plus is totally free. In fact, you don’t even need to sign in with a Samsung account, unless you want to sync your devices. Remember that, for now, it can only be accessed through the brand’s products and in the countries where it is available.

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