What is Slack and how much it costs

What Slack is for

Slack is an instant messaging application developed and launched by Slack Technologies in 2013. Since then, this productivity and communications software has become one of the most used by companies around the world due to its practicality for communication in work environments.

Slack is, after Office 365, is the most used software in the business world globally.

When using Slack it is easy to realize why it is one of the ideal tools for communication between members of a work team. And is that the ability to make video calls, share all kinds of files and create channels in Slack are just some of the best valued features of this popular platform in which you will also have tricks to get the best out of Slack. Here is all the information about this tool:

What is Slack?

Slack is a kind of instant messaging service like WhatsApp or Telegram, but much more sophisticated and with more features. Focused mainly on work environments, the app has certain advanced features. For example, when you generate your user you get a unique URL.

Slack also features channels. These can be public or private, but the most important thing is that through them you can interact with a whole community. So you can share, in addition to written messages, video calls, voice calls, reactions with emojis, view RSS feeds, send gifs, set reminders and much more.

In addition, the potential that Slack has is huge, because in this app you can integrate a variety of useful add-ons or add-ons to work. For example, in Slack you can add development tools such as GitHub and SlackOverflow, or commercial tools such as Google Anlytics or SalesForce.

How much does Slack cost

When Slack was launched, there were not many instant messaging services on the market capable of combining chats between two people and group conversations as Slack does. In addition, the tool has evolved to add new features and become one of the leading productivity apps today.

One of the great advantages of Slack is that, at least initially, it is a totally free service. However, for users of the free plan there are certain limitations. For example, access to a maximum of 10,000 of the most recent messages and 5 GB of storage.

The premium level, which offers discounts if you pay annually, gives access to more administration features, a single sign-on, compliance exports, etc. There are several levels.

There is the Pro payment plan, for €6.75 per month, or the Business+ payment plan, which costs €11.75 per month per user. Large companies can access the Enterprise Gold plan, which requires a price agreement with the Slack sales team.

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