What is “stalkerware”, how does it work and how do you recognize it?

Stalkerware software for spouses

A “stalkerware” also known as “spouseware”, “stalker virus” or “software for spouses” … is a spy application used by unsafe users or who distrust their partners who use the tool on their cell phones install and so they know every detail of what they see, do, speak or search on the Internet.

If the phone is overheating, the battery drains very quickly, or there is spam in email and pop-up windows, the phone may have “stalkerware” installed

In order to use stalkerware, the user needs to install the application on the mobile phone of the other person they want to investigate. In other words, you need to manage the passwords to access the device and download and install the stalkerware under “supervision” of the owner. Then the spying user’s computer will be connected to the spied mobile phone and data such as location, text messages, social network notifications, photos and videos taken with the mobile phone will be automatically displayed. However, the holy grail of this software is access to the calls and conversations you make with the device.

Is it legal to use stalkerware?

In terms of legality, stalkerware is variable as it was developed as a parental control tool and thus parents can control the use of their children on their cell phones who watch the internet or even who they chat with and you are on the phone. In this case, it’s completely legal.

However, when used to control or espionage the couple, or as evidence in divorce proceedings, it is completely illegal and can cause legal problems for the espionage user. This is because the laws in certain countries ensure the integrity of the accused, who must approve or express consent to prove his privacy records.

However, in China, spyware was used to monitor what tourists were doing in the country. The same thing happened with Spyware Pegasus, a spyware developed in Israel to enter the WhatsApp of important people in the world without their consent. Although these practices were illegal, they were ended without retaliation.

How do I know if there is spyware on your phone?

One benefit for the spy user is that stalkerware is difficult for the spy user to detect. Complete control of what the infected mobile phone is doing is received by the other person from their own mobile phone, tablet or computer, and this information is hosted on external servers on the Internet.

However, there are ways to determine if a user’s cell phone is being controlled by a stranger or by their partner using stalkerware. Here are some tips to help you identify and prevent a data breach on your phone:

-When the couple begins to discover things that they did not know and that the user only manifested in private conversations, it is a good indicator of suspicion that one of these programs is harassing on the computer.

-If the device overheats or the battery is lasting less than normal even though you are using it at the same frequency, it could be a sign that software is working in the background that is consuming the computer’s resources.

-Another way to tell if you have one installed SpousewareCheck the inbox for spam and see if it is unusual spam.

-Even if there is spyware, you may still see pop-up windows when you open a web browser, which is unusual.

How can this situation be resolved?

If you suspect that stalkerware is installed on your phone, it is advisable to generally reset the device and revert to the factory settings. This would be the extreme case to solve it, but to prevent all of this from happening it is best to have the devices with security systems by password or pattern and among other things only allow applications to be downloaded using fingerprint.

You can also evaluate the list of applications installed on the device. If you see any unknown or strange applications, it is best to delete them.

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