what is the CRO of a website and why is it important?

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CRO stands for “Conversion Rate Optimization,” which would translate as “Conversion Rate Optimization“This is a set of techniques whose objective is to increase the number of visits to a website or web page, as well as to convert them into customers.

CRO is one of the most important techniques in digital marketing, since it is about improving the weak points of a website to improve conversations.

In digital marketing, CRO is one of the most important strategies, since it is about increasing the percentage of people who come to our website and become leads or customers, either through a lead, a purchase or by filling out a form with their personal data to schedule a consultancy.

To obtain this better conversion, CRO is usually divided into several phases. The first of them is to identify and analyze what aspects of our website we can improve to increase the conversion rate, do users leave our site before filling out a form? Do we have a high bounce rate?

Next, we need to establish a working mechanism focused on how to fix the problems we have detected above. Maybe the problem is a bad choice of keywords, which attracts the wrong people, so they are not interested in what we offer and leave the site prematurely.

The next phase will be to follow the working mechanism to implement the changes. If possible, you should always create several versions of a web page, so that we can perform an A/B test and analyze which version works best in order to implement it definitively,

Finally, you have to continuously analyze the performance of the web pages and set up a mechanism for continuous improvementthat allows us to attract and convert as many users as possible. In this sense, we must be aware that CRO requires periodic work, it is not a matter of carrying out single actions when our traffic suffers serious drops.

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