What is the difference between high quality and poor quality links in search engine optimization?

The link profile is one of the most complicated and time consuming parts of SEO positioning. For many professionals, “link building”, the process of generating links with other sites of authority and relevance, and generating high quality links is also the most important SEO positioning factor, so it takes a lot of time to complete this part.

This is a great way to differentiate between high quality and poor quality links, clean up a profile, and improve a website’s SEO.

In addition, search engine algorithms are capable as they have been refined and improved distinguish between links. In recent years, Google has created HTML tags to distinguish links beyond the classic “follow” and “non-follow” and even distinguish affiliate links.

Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote of confidence from page A to B. These votes of confidence are of great importance for SEO positioning when they come from pages that Google identifies as high quality websites.

But how does Google know that a website is important? Use certain criteria for this classification such as:

-Authority: Authoritative websites are those that are highly regarded and contain relevant content on a specific topic.

-Relevance: For Google, the relevant pages are those that provide reliable information from experience. In this sense, a page that is used to post restaurant reviews is more relevant to Google than a Facebook group dedicated to the same.

When is a low quality link considered?

If a good quality link is relevant and authoritative, a poor quality link will not have any of the above characteristics.

These links are created by the user, paid for or requested as an exchange. With this in mind, link farms and websites that anyone can post a link on are often viewed as inferior. Since Google believes that if anyone can leave a link, there is no cure and therefore harmful links will not be filtered. A link from one of these websites is useless, on the contrary, in many cases it can be harmful.

With this in mind, the links that go to the comments are usually considered to be inferior. In many cases they can be marked as “spam”.

When is a quality link considered?

High quality links can be those that come from Small and Medium Business Blogs. Some of these blogs are considered relevant by Google despite having little authority. Hence, these links are considered to be of high quality.

Also the links that come from local or small media. Getting in the media is always beneficial to SEO.

After all, the best links are the ones that come from the blogs of the company large companies and brands all industries, as well as educational and government websites. These links offer great authority as well as great relevance which can bring content to the top of Google.

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