What is the difference between the Christian Passover and the Jewish Passover?

The Passover is of great importance to both Christians and Jews. Every year on this day, the meeting of believers of both religions is repeated to commemorate various events that represent important events for each religion. There are differences between the Christian and the Jewish Passover. But there are also several aspects in which both coincide.

Christian Easter

Features of the Jewish Passover

It used to be a festival celebrated by the shepherds. They sacrificed a calf as an offering and celebrated the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Years later, the liberation of the Jewish people from Egypt was celebrated. But today they are celebrating the crossing of the Red Sea of ​​the Hebrew people, led by Moses.

The celebration consists of a family dinner called Pesach. They tend to consume traditional gastronomic dishes accompanied by numerous prayers. The beginning of the celebration is repeated on the same day, every year the date is not changed.

Jewish Passover

Details of the Christian Passover

For Christians, this celebration is the most important of the year. Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. It lasts fifty days and includes Holy Saturday, Easter Vigil, Pentecost, Lent and Holy Week, which culminates with Easter Sunday.

It ends when the families who practice the religion meet after attending mass. During this meeting, they will enjoy a family dinner to enjoy a variety of dishes. In contrast to the Jewish Passover, the start date of the Christian Passover is not fixed.

Differences between the two Easter
  • The Jewish Passover has a fixed date and the Christian one varies. There are even date differences between the Roman Church and Orthodox Christians.
  • The Jews eat the paschal lamb.
  • Christians worship Jesus and Jews worship Moses.

However, there are important coincidences that need to be highlighted. It is no small fact that there is continuity between the two celebrations. Christ dies on the first day of the Jewish celebration for his liberation from Egyptian rule. He also burns himself on the same day that the Jewish Passover is celebrated. On that day lambs were killed in Jewish temples. Jesus represents the paschal lamb who frees people from their original sin.

Many countries celebrate Easter around the world. Everyone respects their own traditions, which are different. In some countries, such as Spain, the traditions vary within the same country, which marks the difference between the northern and southern provinces.

Easter eggs

In other countries like Germany the celebration is based on the search for colored eggs. What is certainly unknown is the origin of Easter eggs and rabbits. There are different versions and none is supported by history.

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