What is the Epic Games Store and how it works

What is Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store is a online video game store for PC that is owned by Epic Games (the creators of Fortnite) and is available worldwide (with the exception of North Korea and Iran).

Within this store you will find titles that are compatible with Windows and macOS, which have been developed by many different companies, such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, CD Projekt, Rockstar, Epic itself and many others.

Next, we will tell you how Epic Games works, how you can register and what it offers.

How the Epic Games Store works

To access the games you purchase in the store, you will need to download the Epic Games Launcher app. The app is a game launcher for computers, it is free and available for PC and Mac.

The store has a simple and direct interface, on the main screen you will find a large list of games that shows the best sellers, most played and the games that will soon hit the market. If you want to search for a specific video game, you just have to write its name in the “Search the store” box to find it quickly.

It also has a section to explore the platform’s titles according to genre and a news section that informs about the world of gaming.

How to sign up for the Epic Games Store

If you want to buy games within the platform, you must register in the system so that the titles are saved in your profile and in the launcher. The procedure you must do is the following:

– Go to the official Epic Games website.

– Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner.

Open profile on Steam

– In this step, you can register with your email or log in with your Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Steam, Facebook, Google or Apple data.

Register Epic Email

– If you chose to open a profile with your personal email, you must enter your date of birth and select “Continue”

Add date of birth in Epic

– Subsequently, write the information requested by Epic Games, accept the terms and conditions of use and press “Continue”.

Have an Epic account

– An email from Epic will arrive in your email, enter it and touch the link to confirm your information.

Now you have a user to buy games and enjoy the store’s promotions and events.

What does the Epic Games Store offer?

In addition to distributing its own and third-party games, the Epic Games Store offers registered users a free game from their catalog every two weeksthis promotion will allow you to try titles you don’t own without having to spend money on subscriptions.

On the other hand, it also gives more benefits to developers, since the percentage of profits they obtain for each game they sell is 88%, while on platforms like Steam it is 70%.

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