What is the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+T used for?

Despite the revolution brought about by the object-oriented environment in which the computer desktop and mouse operation of icons makes work easier, there are still circumstances in which the use of keyboard shortcuts can be more practical and faster.

A simple keyboard shortcut makes it possible to combine keystrokes that reopen a browser tab closed by accident

Thus, keyboard shortcuts such as the combinations CRTL+C and CTRL+V make it easier to copy and paste a text faster than the alternative of moving the pointer to the application menu, displaying the box where it indicates the actions and pointing to them. The same is true for countless actions, some universal for all types of operating systems and applications, others specific.

Many of these keyboard shortcuts remain almost anonymous despite the good results that can give to know them to solve all kinds of circumstances more or less problematic, and one of them is the one that allows to return to open an Internet browser tab that has been closed. by mistake.

This is the key combination CTRL+SHIFT+T (in the case of Apple computers command+shift+T) and can be as useful as the handy CTRL+Z (command+Z) that allows you to undo the last action and that has corrected so many errors.

In many browsers there is the option to reopen the last tabs, in order to recover what was being viewed in case of unexpected closing of the application, but, again, it means looking for a menu with the cursor and scrolling through it. In the case of wanting to open only the last closed tab, the above-mentioned key combination is much faster.

If the tab you want to open is not the last one that was closed there are other possibilities that consist in reviewing the history of last viewed pages, available in Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera browsers.

Some browsers have a specific submenu (History, Recent…) where a list of the last pages viewed appears, just click on the desired one. Others even add options such as “Tabs from other devicesThe tabs “Other Devices” will allow you to open from any of them the web page that you have been browsing from any of the other devices.

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