what is the longest-lived dog breed?

If you want to have a canine companion for a long time, you would do well to read this. What is the longest-lived dog breed? Without a doubt, the Jack Russell Terrier. Researchers at National Taiwan University took it upon themselves to prove it. How? They analyzed 30,563 records of dog deaths in veterinary practices across the UK. It was done across the UK between 2016 and 2020.

what is the longest-lived dog breed? Jack Russell Terriers.
what is the longest-lived breed of dog? Jack Russell Terriers.

Long life

They used VetCompass, a database that indexes millions of clinical records collected from veterinary centers. The animals were categorized into 18 dog breeds recognized by the Kennel Club. This is an organization dedicated to the health, welfare and training of dogs. Thus, tables were created that calculate life expectancy from birth.

The results were published in ‘Scientific Reports’. They indicate that Jack Russell Terriers had the highest life expectancy at birth. They reach 12.72 years. They are followed by Yorkshire Terriers (12.54 years). Behind them are intelligent Border Collies (12.10 years) and lively Springer Spaniels (11.92 years). French Bulldogs had the lowest life expectancy at birth. They barely reached a meager 4.53 years.

French Bulldogs are at the other extreme and have short lives.
French Bulldogs are at the other extreme and have short lives.

Life variables

why such short life expectancies? It happens that these breeds are always at risk of developing diseases. They suffer from ear infections, diarrhea and conjunctivitis. They may also be more prone to respiratory or skin problems.

Across all dog breeds, the average life expectancy at birth for males was 11.1 years, four months less than the estimate for females. Neutered dogs had a longer life expectancy. It could be that neutering is a life-extension benefit. Or it just reflects more responsible ownership and better care.

You’ve got it figured out. Knowing which is the longest-lived dog breed can help you if you want to have the same pet for a long time.

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