What is the Phygital experience for the user?

Nowadays we know that digital presence is as important as physical presence, and from a marketing point of view it is also important. The experience phygital seeks to combine physical and digital realities to integrate the best of both environments and offer the best experience for the user.

If you want to know what it is and some practical examples of how companies have been incorporating it, we will tell you below.

What is the phygital experience

The term phygital It appears with the fusion of the words “physical” and “digital” – “físico” and “digital” in Spanish. This concept alone already tells us that it is based on the integration of the physical world with the digital one.

To understand then what a phygital customer experience is, we have to think about a process that integrates digital functionalities with physical aspectsgiving rise to a hybrid experience that offers comfort and autonomy to customers.

The appearance of this type of experience has to do with changes in consumer habits and the increase in both the use of mobile devices and the purchases made through them thanks to electronic commerce. But it is also proliferating as a response from the brands themselves for trying to unite their physical and digital marketing efforts by seeking increase your sales opportunities.

To understand it better, think about whether you have seen how some fast food restaurants have introduced machines in which customers can order the order they are going to consume there themselves. Maybe also how others have added QR codes with menus.

Surely you have seen how some clothing brands or supermarkets, instead of offering you the classic loyalty card, now do it through an application, or perhaps you have gone to see a movie at the cinema and you have been able to get the tickets yourself at a kiosk. digital before entering. These are cases in which digital elements have been gradually integrated into the physical aspects. That is, creating a phygital experience.

Benefits of the phygital experience

But what can incorporating types of experiences contribute to a company? To begin with, it improves the interaction between customers and the company because it can offer a better and more personalized experience to the user. This in the long term helps to build customer loyalty, one of the last phases of the sales funnel, but also essential.

In addition, the company can collect valuable data on customer behavior regarding its products or services and launch offers accordingly. Also, phygical expertise can improve companies' operations by automating processes, for example, with inventory management.

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