What is tree disease?

Although its incidence is very low in the world population, the tree man disease jumped into the international arena when we met Abul Bajandar, a man who suffers from this strange pathology that causes protrusions with the appearance of vegetal bark that can weigh up to six kilos, which prevents the development of normal life.

Now we have known that Bajandar, after undergoing an operation in which these protrusions were removed, has shown a new appearance of symptoms. Apparently, this condition has no cure, so you can only alleviate your discomfort by periodic operations.

Tree man disease

So what is the tree man disease medically known as Verruciform epidermodisplasia? It is basically a manifestation of Human papillomavirus or HPV in its most extreme form.

Normally, this disease appears magnified in individuals suffering from genetic mutation which prevents their bodies from fighting the infection, which makes some species of ‘branches’ appear on their limbs.

The development of an HPV infection can manifest itself in many ways. In fact, there are almost 200 types of these virus of which some of them are really violent and aggressive.

Be that as it may, these extreme symptoms only appear in people with the genetic condition mentioned above. In most human beings, their conditions are not as violent and annoying. They can be small warts, but little else.

The disease manifests itself at age 20 and, rarely, since HPV has a certain relationship with some forms of cancer, could end up developing this dangerous condition at the skin level.

Be that as it may, it is not a contagious disease, so it is not dangerous in this regard for those not affected. Even so, it is working to find hereditary patterns, it could be that it is related to the consanguineity of the parents, although there are still no conclusive studies on this point.

The real problem of the disease is that today there is no known definitive cure for this disease. Yes that is asked to make a preventive treatment and reviews are recommended to develop early diagnoses that allow it to be fought against. In this sense, it is important to protect the skin well from sunlight. Then, only surgical interventions can be performed that reduce problems and tumor formations, but not much more can be done.

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