What is Trello and what is it for?

What is Trello

Trello is one of the best project management applications available today. Developed by Trello Inc. and later acquired by Atlassian, Trello can be considered one of the best tools for increasing productivity in work environments. This is because its sticky-note board style is excellent for keeping track of workflow.

Trello is a powerful yet easy-to-use management tool.

Another of Trello’s outstanding features is that, despite being a powerful tool, learning how to use it is extremely simple. Moreover, this software has a free version and is available for both Android and iOS, although it is mainly a web application. Surely with the following information you will be able to understand a little better what it is all about.

Main features of Trello

Undoubtedly, Trello is one of the best alternatives to keep track of the tasks to be developed by each member of a work team. One of its most distinctive features is its simple interface organized by boards and columns where all the information is written down. It also has sticky notes, which support files of all types and can be moved at will between boards.

While other project management applications integrate features that are complicated to understand, Trello stands out for its simplicity. Learning to use Trello efficiently takes just a few minutes, which is a valuable advantage when carrying out virtually any type of project.

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When you enter Trello you will see that its interface is organized by boards. These boards are the main unit of this app, and it is there where all the information is recorded. Then there are the lists, which are organized in the form of columns that in turn are composed of cards.

Thus, the cards are the smallest unit and serve to identify the different tasks that correspond to each member of the work team. Also, the cards, whose appearance is similar to that of a sticky note, can be dragged from one board to another. All kinds of files can be attached to each card, such as images, videos, written notes and more.

How much does it cost to use Trello

To start using Trello you just need to log in to its official website and register a profile. Then you can access the free version, which, as mentioned, is also available for Android and iOS. At the free level you are only allowed to use ten boards, although you can add as many columns as you want. However, attachments are limited to a maximum of 10 MB.

You’ll notice that Trello also has three subscription plans. The first, called “Standard,” which costs $5 per user as long as you pay annually; another called “Premium,” which costs $10 per month; and another called “Enterprise” with a cost of $17.5 per month.

The paid plans give you benefits such as unlimited boards, 250 MB of space for attachments, customizable templates and more.

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