what is vascular dementia?

Lack of blood supply to the brain causes vascular dementia. It is not a single disease, though. It is a group of symptoms associated with this loss of blood supply to the brain. As a consequence, memory is lost and the individual’s cognitive abilities deteriorate.

vascular dementia

is vascular dementia a disease?

As mentioned, vascular dementia is not a single disease; it is accompanied by problems such as loss of reasoning and planning, poor memory and judgment, among other symptoms. Although it is a general term to categorize cognitive decline due to a decrease in the irrigation of blood in the brain. This lack of blood supply prevents neurons from receiving oxygen and causes vascular dementia

According to Dementia UK, 17% of people suffering from dementia have vascular dementia. There is no cure for such a disease. However, damage can be delayed by appropriate treatment

what is the cause of the lack of irrigation in the brain?

Reduced blood flow to the brain can be caused by cerebral ischemia, stroke or small hemorrhages. In these processes the narrow cerebral blood vessels, which are affected

The damage caused by these cerebral accidents will depend on the area of the brain where they occur. If the area involved is the area of learning and memory, the person will have problems remembering and learning new information

When the brain accident occurs in an area involved in motor activity and balance, there are symptoms in movement. It may be with paralysis in certain parts of the body, problems walking, or a stroke

Vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

The symptoms of vascular dementia vary according to the circumstances mentioned. However, when it affects reasoning and memory, it is often confused with another disease, which is no less serious and more widespread, Alzheimer’s disease

vascular dementia or Alzheimer's disease

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The big difference between vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s lies in the causes of each. The causes of vascular dementia lie in the lack of blood supply to the brain. While Alzheimer’s is the accumulation of toxic proteins that cause damage to neurons. This toxic process, in the medium or long term, will cause the death of neurons

Vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, moreover, have different progressions. Alzheimer’s is slower and more progressive. As if it were a downhill, slow and homogeneous path In contrast, vascular dementia is because of a brain accident, which leaves more or less severe sequelae. If another brain accident does not occur over time, the patient may stabilize, although not return to the way he was before the accident. Should another accident occur, more brain functions will be lost

For neither disease is there a possible cure so far. There are only palliative care treatments that slow down the deterioration. In addition, se may present a combination of both diseases which is called mixed dementia.

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