What is VIX and how to subscribe

What is VIX

VIX is an on-demand streaming service owned by the television networks Univisión and Televisa. The platform was launched in 2022 and is currently available in different countries in Latin America and the United States.

Although VIX content is focused 100% on Spanish-speaking audiences around the world, it is not currently part of the list of streaming platforms available in Spain. Even so, this application has managed to position itself as a very interesting option to watch series, movies, news, sports, soap operas and a wide variety of live programs entirely in Spanish.

In addition to VIX, there is also VIX+, the premium version that grants access to an even broader catalog. Below, we explain how to start enjoying the varied programming of this platform that in a short time has become one of the best alternatives to services like Blim TV or Pluto TV to watch television without the need for an antenna.

How to subscribe to VIX

Very similar to platforms like Pluto TV or Distro TV, to start watching VIX programming you only need to download the application on your device or enter their website. You won’t have to register at all, just browse the channel list and play the program of your choice.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that to contract VIX+ you do not need to complete complicated processes either. In fact, you can even request a free trial, something for which you will only need to enter your credit card information. At the end of the trial period you can accept or cancel the subscription.

VIX Contents

When you enter VIX you will be able to see a programming grid divided into nine categories. These include: movies, series, news, soap operas, etc.

Some channels on the platform broadcast Mexican soap operas, both classic and more current, as well as other international productions, 24 hours a day. For example, you can watch soap operas like La Rosa de Guadalupe, María la del barrio, Lazos de amor, and even series like Baywatch.

It should be noted that although VIX’s movie library is quite robust, among the titles you will find in the free tier there are no major current film productions. Although you can watch movies like The Transporter 3, Timecop or My Neighbor Is a Spy, all dubbed into Spanish.

Finally, we must not forget that news channels such as Noticias Univisión, Euronews, N+ Media, TN23, ATV+ and many more are available on VIX. Likewise, you can also watch sports events and news through channels such as Zona TUDN, TUDN News, TUDN Picks, among others.

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