What is White Hat SEO?

The White Hat SEO is a term that defines the SEO positioning techniques and strategies that Comply with quality rules from Google. Unlike Black Hat SEO, it’s all about following the rules and achieving organic positioning to improve a website’s SEO without using spam techniques or duplicate content.

White Hat SEO focuses on the organic positioning of a website according to Google’s quality guidelines.

While Black Hat SEO techniques focus on getting Google’s algorithms to rate a webpage based on copied or blank content that is rated based on keywords, White Hat SEO creates high quality content that matches the user’s search intent .

These kind of techniques benefit pages that manage to position themselves solidly in search engines by regularly offering high quality content, but also users who search on Google because they can find adequate answers to their questions and quality.

The most common white hat SEO techniques are:

-Quality content: Content is one of the most important parts of SEO. It is important to create content that is user-focused, not positioning, because people will search for information and click the link. The content must meet Google’s EAT standards, so it must be relevant content and provide expert opinion on the subject.

-Search intent: With the introduction of Core Web Vitals as an SEO factor in 2021, it will be important to adhere to the terms of usability and user experience. This means more than just a webpage that loads quickly. It must first provide an answer to the user’s search. Hence, you need to understand the search intent of the various keywords and use that information to create engaging content. and keep traffic.

-Mobile first: Continuing the Core Web Vitals, all websites must have a design that adapts to mobile surfing as Google positions the content based on its results in mobile search.

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