What is Xbox Design Lab and how to create your custom controller

Xbox Design Lab is a Microsoft-owned platform that allows customize the controls of the Xbox Series X|S consoles as you wish. You can configure the color of the triggers, buttons and accessories on the base controller and the Xbox Elite Series 2 competitive controller.

To create the control of your dreams, the system will offer you an immense palette of colors and patterns that you will choose at will according to your tastes. Likewise, you will also find presets inspired by various video games, such as: Starfield, Persona 3 Reload, Suicide Squad and many other titles.

How Xbox Design Lab works

The Xbox service is simple and intuitive, once inside the website (https://xboxdesignlab.xbox.com/), the portal will guide you throughout the entire creation process so that you achieve the expected result. First, you'll need to choose whether you want to customize a standard or Elite Series 2 controller.

Then, the color palette for the front of the controller will be displayed, for the Elite model there are only solid shades, while for the basic control you will find ten metallic patterns and gradients, in addition to all the tonal alternatives.

Custom Xbox controller design

Once you have chosen the style for the front, you will need to fine-tune the details of the controller. The platform will allow you to apply another color for the back, triggers, analog sticks, face buttons and D-pad. In short, each section can have its own distinctive color if you wish.

When you're done customizing, Xbox Design Lab will ask you if you want to add a 16-character engraving to the bottom area of ​​the front of the controller. For example, you could enter your name or the nickname you use when playing online, in order to further personalize the controller.

How much does it cost to customize a controller?

There is no fixed price, the cost will depend on the design you create, for a basic control the amount starts at 70 euros, while for the Elite Series 2 controller the figure starts at 150 euros.

The price will increase if you add all kinds of details such as an engraving (9.99 euros), if you purchase a protective case (39.99 euros), among other things. Likewise, at all times, the system will indicate the price of your design so you know how much you will spend before confirming the order.

Finally, when you have finished with your creation, Xbox Design Lab will send you the shipping details to the email you used to register on the platform. You will receive the tracking number in the email when the controller has been shipped. Delivery time ranges between three and four weeks.

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