What is Xbox Game Pass and how to subscribe

What is Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription-based service that allows video game lovers to enjoy more than 250 titles in the cloud without having to buy them individually. In other words, this platform is direct competition to services such as PlayStation Now, and even a great alternative to Google Stadia.

Xbox Game Pass users get discounts on games and downloadable items, among other benefits.

Xbox Game Pass was launched in 2017 for the various consoles after the Xbox 360 and in 2019 for Windows 10 PCs. By contracting this service you can enjoy a wide variety of Xbox games on Android or iOS mobiles and on some of the best handheld consoles from the Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Contracting Xbox Game Pass is an excellent recommendation for regular gamers. Especially, because with the same subscription you can access a huge library of video games that is constantly expanding. In addition, the platform allows the user to install these games in the cloud or on the hard drive, as well as to take advantage of discounts and exclusive benefits.

How to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass

To sign up for the service you must log in with your account or create one on the web or the Xbox mobile app. Simply locate Xbox Game Pass and choose from the three available subscription options. First, you will find Xbox Game Pass for consoles and another version for computers.

Whichever option you choose, the cost of the first month will be one euro. Then, you must continue to pay a monthly fee whose price amounts to 9.99 euros. For its part, there is also another plan called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, thanks to which you can play on any device, both computers and desktop and portable consoles and even smartphones.

By joining Ultimate you also pay one euro for the first month, then you pay a monthly fee of 14.99 euros. In addition, this level includes all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold and EA Play, among others. Finally, it is worth noting that the service is available in an extensive list of countries, including Spain.

What video games are included in Xbox Game Pass

Basically, by subscribing you will be entitled to play any of the more than 250 games available. In that extensive list you can find both exclusive and independent titles. In addition, if you are an Ultimate member, the list grows, since a large number of EA Sports games are added.

It is important to mention that the repertoire of games is constantly changing. That is, just as the catalog expands, sometimes other titles are also excluded. Anyway, some video games you can try with Xbox Game Pass are: Forza Horizon 5, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Minecraft, FIFA 23, Red Dead Redemption 2, Halo Infinite, Psychonauts, among others.

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