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In Android’s Google Play Store you can find many note, list and task organization apps. However, Google has a tool of its own that might be the best free notes app you can find Google Keep.

Google Keep is much more than a notes application, since its functions allow you to synchronize it with the rest of the Google suite apps such as Calendar, Gmail or Google Docs.

Google Keep was launched in 2013 and is about a free applicationintegrated within Google’s suite of tools, which allows us to create and organize our personal information, creating notes with an attractive look and feel similar to that of a “post-it”. As it is a native Google application, we will be able to access its information on any device where we have our Google account active, both on Android and iOS, as well as Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers.

Google Keep is basically used to create notes and organize them. The application has a board-like interface and each note is like a “post-it” that we can move or “pin” so that it always appears at the top of our board.

how to use Google Keep?

To use Google Keep you only need a Google account, thanks to it we will be able to synchronize information between the different devices. In the case of cell phones, we will have to download the app from the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store.

Once inside the application, the operation is very simple and the dynamics is similar to that of any Google product. To create a new note, we will only have to press the “+” button button that appears in the lower right corner. When creating a note we will have different options, such as adding a voice memo, creating a list with checkboxes or making a doodle, drawing with the finger or with a stylus.

Google Keep Front page interface

Once the note is created, Google Keep allows us to pin it, so that it appears at the top at all times, add alarms or reminders (which are synchronized with Google Calendar), add tags or change the color. We can also share the notes with other users through social networks or WhatsApp.

what are the advantages of Google Keep?

Although it seems very simple at first glance, Google Keep has many features and is much more than just a simple notes application:

-Synchronization with Google: Since Keep syncs with other Google applications, it allows us to create reminders that will appear in our Google calendar. We can also use it to jot down important ideas or concepts and share them via Gmail. In addition, if we use Google Task as a task manager, we can also synchronize the information. Finally, Keep is integrated with Google Docs, so we can use it to take notes and, later, link the notes to a document to edit or expand it.

-Color coding: It may not have an infrastructure as complex as OneNote or Evernote, since it does not have notebooks in which to organize notes. However, Google Keep allows us to change the color of the notes, so we can create a color code with which to organize the notes according to their subject matter. For example, we can make work notes red, home notes yellow and personal notes green.

-Tags: If colors are not enough, Google Keep also allows you to create tags with which to organize your notes. The tags are available from the main interface, allowing us to access any of them quickly.

-Different formats: By allowing us to create handwritten notes, inserting an image or photo, or even a voice memo, the options we have are very wide.

-Lists: Lists with checkboxes are one of the most useful options, since with them we can create from a shopping list, to turning the application into a tool for task management.

-Alarms and reminders: Finally, every time we create a note, we can set an expiration date, so the application will send us a notification when it expires. Also, it syncs with Google Calendar, so we will never miss anything.

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