what it is and why it is important to SEO

SEO is a series of techniques and strategies that improve the positioning of a page or website on the Google search results page. Among the factors that need to position and optimize a website are images, which are very important for SEO.

The alt text or alternative text is used by Google to position the content, but also as a description in customized browsers or when the image does not load.

The alt text or alt text is the text that google uses to know what does a picture contain and what is its function within the content. This text is used by the Google search algorithm to position an image when searching Google Images.

It is important to note that the alt text is not the title of the image. The title is simply the name of the image (which must contain the correct keyword), while the alt text is an HTML attribute that responds to a description of the image content and its context within the content.

In short, we can say that it is a description of the visual elements that appear in the image so that search engines can understand what the image is showing in order to position it correctly in the appropriate searches. Hence, it is a very important factor in SEO positioning.

But it’s not just a description that allows search engines to position the image correctly. It is also a very important usability factor as it enables users with visual impairments or problems Get a picture reference. These people often use special browsers that “read” the images, and this is the text that these browsers use to describe the content of the images to these people.

Likewise, this is the text that is displayed on the screen if they cannot be loaded on the screen due to connection problems or restrictions (e.g. plugins that restrict or block the loading of images). With this in mind, alt text is often used in email marketing campaigns because many email clients block images by default.

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