What it means to be a boomer [Vídeo]

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You may have heard the expression “OK Boomer” in the last few weeks as it has become popular on the internet, especially among younger social media users.

The origin of the most popular meme of the moment on the Internet can be found on TikTok

If you’re wondering what it means, we tell you its origin and what it refers to in this video:

As we explain in the video, when you use the expression “OK Boomer” you are showing a certain condescension – with irony – towards what an older person says or does, especially if it is a complaint towards what young people do.

This is a phrase widely used especially by Generation Z and Millenials, to criticize the actions of “baby Boomers”, that is, people born between the years 1946 and 1965, people who are now over the age of 50.

It would therefore translate as “whatever you say, Boomer”, or “sure, sure, Boomer”… in a disqualifying way. It’s a way of saying “leave me alone” I’m going to keep doing what’s bothering you.

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