What secrets does the so-called Pandora’s box hide?

Pandora’s box has always been named to refer to something extremely dangerous, be it a thing or a person. It is a widely used expression, especially to be careful about certain situations that can lead to bad luck.

Pandora's box
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What is the origin of Pandora’s box?

This expression has its origins in Greek mythology and explains why humans became mortals. Also how all the evil of mankind spread over the earth.

The poetic work belongs to Hesiod, who describes the story of the gods in the script Theogony. In this work he tells how the Titan Prometheus steals fire from the gods in order to give it to the people and to awaken the anger of Zeus, the god of Olympus.

Zeus decided to punish Prometheus for not asking permission for such a gift. And also punish men for accepting it. To punish Prometheus, Zeus gathers all the gods together.

Then he ordered Hephaestus to create a woman who endowed Aphrodite with irresistible beauty. Hermes gave him the virtue of cunning, Athena taught him the arts and Hera endowed him with a virtue that people could not resist: curiosity. The woman with such gifts was the irresistible Pandora.

The gods kept all evils in a box and Pandora’s curiosity set them free

At the same time, all the gods brought bad luck, which they kept in a box to give to Prometheus, Pandora’s box. Zeus personally delivered the gold box with the precious gemstones to Pandora with the recommendation not to open it under any circumstances. Then he ordered Hermes to lead her to earth.

Pandora's box was made of gold
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When Hermes and Pandora descend from Olympus, they find Prometheus’ brother Epimetheus. Legend has it that Epimetheus, less intelligent than his brother, falls victim to the charm of Pandora and marries her.

Already married and with a happy life with Epimetheus, Pandora does not forget the box that Zeus gave her. Curiously, he tried several times to open it, although he kept tying the gold cords and putting them in place.

But the curiosity Hera endowed her with was stronger than her will, and she opened the box. A whole flood of adversity emerged from her, envy, illness, delusion, vanity, vice, madness, old age, sadness, among others.

Pandora’s box spread all evils, including mortality, throughout the earth. However, Pandora had to close the box before all evils came out. One only remained locked in there, the hope that “is the last thing that is lost”.

For many, Pandora is the equivalent of Christianity’s Eve, who offered Adam the apple of evil. As a result of this sacrifice, man receives suffering, sickness, pain and of course the loss of immortality as punishment.

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