What to consider when choosing a hosting service for your website

When creating a website, choosing the right hosting service is one of the most critical decisions you must make. There are a number of factors to consider, such as cost, uptime, website speed, customer support and server location. The hosting provider you choose should be able to meet all of your needs, and make sure that your website is available to your visitors whenever they come.

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Choosing the best hosting service is essential to ensure the success of any online business. However, there are many options on the market and many digital entrepreneurs find it difficult to select the best web hosting company that suits their needs.

If you are thinking of launching your business on the Internet, or if you need to change hosting because your current provider does not meet your expectations, in this article we are going to help you select the best hosting for your company’s website.

Why it is important to choose a good hosting

When you create a website, whether for a small business or for a large company, in order for other people to access it using their Internet browsers, it must be located on a server. You can have your own server, which has high setup and maintenance costs, or you can hire a hosting service. This will allow you to easily host your web files on their servers so that the rest of the world can access it.

However, hosting services providers there are many on the market, how do you know which one to choose? Since its function is crucial to ensure the success of your online business, you should not skimp on costs or just hire the first service you find. Choosing a good service is fundamental, and you should contract it with a company that offers the best guarantees, as is the case with Dinahosting, since you must make sure that the performance of your web site is the best.

The hosting you hire will influence important factors such as the loading speed of your web pages, the positioning of your contents in search engines such as Google, and the experience you provide to your website visitors. That is why it is necessary to choose the right web hosting service. These are the main characteristics that the hosting service you hire for your business should have:

Main characteristics of a good hosting

-Security: This aspect is vital when choosing a hosting service. Keeping your business website protected against any malicious attack will be essential to ensure the survival and stability of your company. The peace of mind that your hosting service is secure will allow you to devote yourself to other tasks knowing that your website is fully protected against any eventuality.

In this sense, the fact that your hosting develops its own security solutions and rules and that it uses top brand hardware is essential to be able to provide a real availability of 99.99% of your web page. In the case of Dinahosting, in addition, its data centers are located in Spain, have environmental protection and fire and moisture protection measures.

The company also provides free daily backups. This is very important in order not to lose information at any time and to be able to recover your content in case of any problem that may arise. In addition, they also offer a free SSL Let’s Encrypt certificate with all hostings, which ensures that transactions made on your website will be safe. You don’t have to worry about anything regarding the protection of your website.

-Speed. Having the website load as fast as possible will help SEO positioning but also to ensure that your visitors’ experience is optimal. This is crucial for the development of your business, so you must have the best partners in this regard. Dinahosting optimizes web pages for greater speed and, at a technical level, works with Western Digital NVMe disks, which offer a higher storage capacity and more speed when executing tasks, with transfer rates up to 6 times higher than traditional SSD disks. With more write and read capacity, they reduce latency and server overhead.

-Support. If you have any problem, or doubt when managing your service, that your hosting company has a good technical support, that attends you in your language and helps you to solve the incident in the shortest possible time is essential for the development of your business. You never know when you will need them, so having a technical service that provides 24/7 service is essential. In addition, you can interact with them through different channels, such as telephone, email, chat and social networks. All this is provided by Dinahosting, whose specialized technicians speak different languages: Spanish, Galician, English, Catalan and Portuguese.

-Innovation. If the hosting company you choose is up to date in terms of the use of technology, it will allow you to evolve and grow your business. In the case of Dinahosting, for example, they use last generation GPU servers, which offer up to 20 times more speed and performance than a normal one. In addition, they allow you to develop processes with Artificial Intelligence and large amounts of data, adapting to the needs of your company.

-Control panel. Having a panel that is easy to use and in which you can obtain and access all the information in just a few clicks, is essential in the relationship with the customer. Its fast and intuitive use will save you a lot of time and will make it easier to carry out tasks. Dinahosting has one of its own development that allows it to create new functionalities to make the relationship with the user easier.

These are the five main features that your hosting service should have. Having the support of a team of highly qualified professionals who speak your language and whose main concern is that your web works perfectly will allow you to take your business to a higher level.

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