What to do if package delivery is delayed?

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One of the great advantages that Amazon Prime customers have is ultra-fast deliveries. However, even this service known for its effectiveness may not be so effective at times. What’s worse, Amazon does not make it very clear what to do in these types of situations.

As obvious as it may seem, we tell you that trying to contact the seller is not the solution. Actually, the first step is to contact Amazon customer service. However, before doing so, you should know some details that will help your claim take effect and you be compensated.

What to do if your Amazon Prime package is delayed

In the past, the online shopping giant made a customer service page available to Prime members where you could file a complaint if you did not receive your purchase on time. In these cases, a free month was simply added to your subscription.

However, the aforementioned space was closed and now these types of situations can only be corrected by contacting customer service directly. In theory, the company should apologize and you might even be able to get a refund for late delivery. Even so, according to testimonials from Internet users, the company’s default solution is to give you a free month of Prime.

Despite the above, there are also cases of users who managed to be rewarded with Gift Cards of between $5 and $20, and even discounts of 20% on their Amazon Prime subscriptions. However, what is not clear is the criteria on which the retail giant is based to grant more than a simple extra month.

It is not something that will happen to you in any case, only Amazon decides, based on the delay you have suffered, how to compensate you. And it might not even do so, since everything is based on user comments.

How to complain to Amazon after a delay in delivery

The key is to adequately explain how you have been harmed by the delay. To make your request you must go to the “Contact us” section. You can also contact Amazon by phone call.

Next, state the problem and explain how the delay has affected you. For example, having purchased an item during Amazon Prime Day that you planned to give as a gift and not being able to deliver it on time due to a late delivery can be very convenient. Logically, you should also take care of the tone you use to make the claim and not complain excessively, losing your way.

Finally, although it is possible to notify the delay through X (formerly Twitter), Amazon advises against sharing data through said social network about purchases you have completed on the platform. Therefore, instead of being a more direct method, making claims on the famous eCommerce’s X account will only delay the process.

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