What to do if the router shows a red light

When the router shows a red light, this could be due to several reasons. Sometimes it can be caused by a problem with your Internet provider, although you could also be experiencing this problem due to poor equipment configuration, a poorly attached cable, etc.

Here you will find what could be the causes of that red light, in this way, you will determine the origin of the failure so that the speed of your router is not affected or you do not completely lose your Internet connection.

How to fix a router that shows a red light

There are several simple methods that you can apply at home to repair the problem, the most effective and safest are the following:

– Restart the router: It may seem like a no-brainer, but turning off the router, waiting about 30 seconds, and turning it back on could fix the problem. With this simple procedure you will be cleaning the device’s cache, as well as temporary settings or any other settings that may be affecting the performance of the device.

In this case, all you have to do is use the router’s power button to turn it off and activate it again. However, if you do not have the button, you can unplug it from the outlet and plug it in after the indicated time has passed. In some cases, it is possible to reset the device through the router’s mobile app.

– Confirm that the cables are properly attached: If the cable that carries the Internet or the fiber optic is incorrectly plugged into the router, this will be enough for the red light to appear due to connection problems and you will completely lose access to the web.

First of all, if it is an Internet cable, it must be securely inserted into the WAN port, remove it and reconnect it to make sure it is securely seated. The same if you use a fiber optic adapter, you also have to connect it to the WAN port.

Remember that the space dedicated to the WAN is where the Internet cable must be connected. The other ports called LAN or Ethernet are intended to connect other devices directly, such as your game console, computer, smart TV, etc.

– Update firmware: Nowadays, routers receive updates from time to time to improve their operation or solve errors. So, if you have a pending update and you go for a long time without installing it, this could cause you to lose your Internet connection.

To update the router, it will be enough to enter its application and go to the “System” section, there you will find a section called “Firmware Update” so you can confirm if there is a package pending to be downloaded.

Thanks to router manufacturers’ apps, it is no longer necessary to enter the local IP address intended for the router to carry out this procedure. Everything you need will be found in the application.

– Check the power outlet: Make sure the power outlet the router is connected to is working normally. If you notice that there is excess heat or that the circulation of electricity is not constant, this is the problem. It will be enough to change the router to an outlet that is in perfect condition to supply it with the necessary voltage to work.

– Contact your Internet provider: It is not unusual for the provider to have difficulties with the Internet service it offers, so a call or a message will be enough to know if the connection failure comes from the company in question.

On the other hand, if the cause of the red light is not the provider, they could send an agent to your home to help you fix the problem, since it is common for fiber optic cabling to break over time and prevent you from connecting to the Internet.

– Factory reset: This is only recommended when you made a wrong adjustment and do not know how to fix it or when, despite having tried the other indications, the red light has not disappeared. Resetting your router will return your device to its basic factory settings, meaning you’ll lose any custom settings you’ve made.

To do the reset, you must press and hold the reset button until all the lights on the router turn off and on again. You can also use the device’s application to do this, there you will have an option to perform a factory reset.

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