What to do if your TV does not connect to WiFi

Take advantage of WiFi on Smart TV

Smart TVs are devices that take advantage of WiFi Internet connectivity to offer a different and enriched audiovisual experience, thanks to Internet access. For example, you can watch your favorite series and movies from streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max or directly from YouTube without the need for a PC. In addition, you can also surf the Internet or synchronize your mobile to play the content. But what if your smart TV is disconnected all the time from the WiFi network?

Smart TVs offer a wide range of services in addition to traditional cable TV.

Yes your Smart TV is having trouble connecting to WiFior it is intermittently disconnecting, check this list with solutions. Check the configuration and the different alternatives to recover the full functionality of your Smart TV.

What happens if your smart TV does not connect to the WiFi.

If you are having trouble connecting to the Internet with your TV, check these steps:

-WiFi router location: Depending on the location of the router, the signal may reach your device very weak if there are walls or ceilings in between. To solve this situation, you should try placing the router in a centralized area to radiate the signal. It is normal to see WiFi problems on the Smart TV if the router is very far away or in an area with interference. The main symptom is that the signal comes and goes, or directly is very little, so knowing where it is best to place the WiFi router is essential.

-Smart TV does not connect to WiFi in guest mode. Some recent routers have dual SSD support. This implies the use of a guest mode, where the WiFi signal is split into two different connections, so you can offer connection to whoever comes to your home without having to offer them your main password. In case your router is of this type, check that your Smart TV is not trying to connect to this second Internet address.

-WiFi connection theft. In case a neighbor has your password, or a hacker has stolen it, you may see reduced signal strength. Smart TVs that often disconnect from WiFi may be affected by this drift or theft of your WiFi. Remember to use a complex key encryption system for your Internet, and check if someone is stealing WiFi without your knowledge.

-WiFi signal congestion on Smart TVs. Similar to WiFi theft, if many devices are connected to the same network at the same time, it will surely start to slow down. If your Smart TV loses connection, check how many devices are connected to your network. This can also happen when the consumption of your Internet provider increases a lot at certain times or months.

In short, the loss of signal and WiFi connection on the Smart TV is more common than we would like to believe. The most common symptom is a poor, slow or no connection. With the solutions we list here you can try to detect the source of your connection problem.

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