what will the new post-pandemic normal look like?

After two years of living with a new disease, we all need a return to normalcy. In fact, more and more people on the planet are clamoring to live normally. Although there is one irrefutable fact, the end of the pandemic will bring changes in our daily lives. And we will have to learn to live with them and adapt to the new post-pandemic normality.

new post-pandemic normality

The new post-pandemic normal has already begun

There are already different countries where a return to normal life started. The United Kingdom is one of them. It eliminated free testing and compulsory isolations. However, as long as the virus has not mutated into a milder form, our normal life will no longer be as it was before 2019.

There are many opinions to be heard. Some experts compare the coronavirus to the flu and that is not right. Seasonal flu kills more than 650,000 people every year. Of course, if we compare it to covid, it is a lesser evil. But it is still an evil.

In essence, at the beginning of the pandemic, it was 10 times higher than the victims of seasonal influenza. This mortality rate by covid, was reduced thanks to treatments and especially vaccines. And even with Omicron, the rate is still double that of influenza. Needless to say, omicron is the most transmissible strain to date. In addition, many people who have suffered from covid have lifelong sequelae. In the long term, covid leaves lung, heart and mental health conditions.

For all these reasons, the return to normal life will be gradual, although it will never return to the way it was before. As mentioned, the United Kingdom is trying to return to normal life. So are Norway and Denmark. However, they will face repeatedly high infection rates. This will be true until the vaccines are 100% effective.

The efficacy of vaccination has to be 100% so that the infections do not continue

Initially, with the return to normalcy, they will have to deal with absence from schools and jobs, as contagions will continue. However, there are changes that will mitigate the effects of covid in the return to normal.

The pandemic taught us that life outdoors is much healthier. Especially since the virus does not spread there. We will also have to improve the ventilation and aeration of our homes and offices. In addition, we have well learned the most effective methods of prevention.

covid prevention

It is not easy, although the pandemic taught us how to do it. Another change is vaccines, it is essential that we get vaccinated every year with boosters. Until a better solution comes along, that will be the most effective way to evade the disease.

As a society, health systems will have to be improved. In fact, the pandemic has led many countries to strengthen their health systems, but they will have to continue to invest. Both in places of hospitalization and in prevention. But, above all, every country should have a plan to deal with covid every year. And also with other diseases that may appear in the future.

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