What you need to consider to buy a laptop that will last for years

When we buy a laptop, we want to keep it for as long as possible so that the investment is profitable. It is not something that we can expect when we choose the cheapest, worst performing laptop when buying, so it is better to evaluate different aspects enjoy your new laptop for many years to come.

Whenever you go to a store to buy a laptop or when you buy it online, there are some very important technical elements that you should analyze to make sure the laptop will last us a long time. Would you like to know which are the most important? Notice we show them below.

Factors To Be Analyzed Before Buying A Laptop

Laptop processor

It is one of the most important factors to consider when making a purchase as it is the brain of the computer. The processors of laptops tend to be low consumption, although we can find them with excellent performance too. A dual-core processor may be sufficient for sporadic use, but if we want to address it perfectly in the long term a quad core processor is better. A key element in the response the laptop will provide when used.

Reviews and opinions from real users

Taking into account the ratings and opinions of other users can be very helpful in getting an idea of ​​whether the laptop meets, exceeds or, on the contrary, is of poor quality. It’s a research paper that it will give us a lot of interesting information about the computer that you are considering a purchase. Recently, there have been cases where Amazon banned companies like Aukey from its marketplace for promoting positive user reviews by offering free products in exchange. Therefore, it is convenient to read real reviews as well, made by specialists such as those at TreceBits or on specialized websites such as the original NoSeasTonto.

Computer ram

When buying the laptop, we also have to pay attention to the memory of the device. It is important to only buy devices that offer their RAM in multiples of 4 to avoid having RAM memory soldered onto the board, which can degrade performance. For a computer that we will use intensively in the long term, it is best to choose a model with 16 GB of RAMwhich allows us to use it for heavy duty tasks, games and the like. Perhaps 8 GB of RAM is sufficient for occasional use.

Computer graphics card

The processor’s integrated graphics are sufficient for a computer that we want to use every day. If your goal is to use the laptop to play games, it is desirable that it bring a dedicated NVIDIA or AMD graphics card, although that means a higher price tag. But don’t worry about the graphics card there If you don’t want to gamble, almost anyone who brings the laptop is fine.

Screen resolution

Screen resolution is another factor that we need to analyze when buying a laptop. You have to bet on high resolutions, a possible Full HDas it is advisable when we play or watch series on the computer. It is not necessary to buy 4K resolution screens as it does not make sense given the size that notebook screens normally have. It’s not a factor that affects the durability of the computer too much, but it will help you watch content at a high resolution even as technology advances in the years to come.

Storage capacity

As for storage capacity, it is advisable to look for laptop options with SSDs as these offer much higher performance. It also affects the laptop’s startup speed, which can cause many users to lose patience. Therefore, Having an SSD is easyWhether you choose NVMe or SATA, it will depend on your budget and expenses.

Notebook connectivity

This is a factor to consider as it is necessary to assess whether we prefer greater portability or greater connectivity. If we prefer more portability, we will likely have to sacrifice some connectivity as the goal is to make the laptop lighter. On the other hand, if we want more connectivity, we will enjoy more USB ports and RJ-45 ports for wired networks. It is something that it depends on the use you want to use.

Now that you know what to look for when buying a laptop so that it will last for many years, all you have to do is apply it in the buying process to find the laptop that best suits your needs and take good care of it to make it last maximum possible time for you.

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