What you need to launch your website with WordPress

If you have decided to start and launch your own business, whether physical or online, you will need to have a website that allows you to make your products or services known to your clients and potential clients and manage the relationship with them.

In order to focus on your business goals, the website must be as easy as possible to manage. There are numerous programs for creating web pages, but without a doubt one of the most used is WordPress, a content management system (CMS) that is very easy to use and that allows millions of online business owners to all over the world manage your website easily while combining it with the rest of your tasks.

Creating the website with WordPress is very simple, you can do it yourself thanks to its system of themes, plug-ins and widgets, although it may also be convenient for a developer to create it for you and adapt it to the needs of your business.

In addition to that, in this article we are going to explain everything you need to start your website with WordPress, pay attention!

Choice of domain and hosting

In addition to the development of the website itself, you will need two fundamental things: a domain and good hosting. There are those who confuse the two terms, but as we are going to explain to you, they are totally different things and, yes, essential to start your website with WordPress.

The domain is the name of the website. It is the URL that users use to access the web page. It should be easily recognizable, give an idea of ​​what will be found on the web or it can also be the name of your commercial brand. When choosing it, you have to take into account that it is easy to remember, to identify with your product or service and, above all, that it is not already registered.

The name, the visible part of the domain, replaces the IP address, a series of numbers that uniquely identifies a web page. The interpretation of the IP address into a name is done through Domain Name System (DNS) servers. That’s why you need to register the domain name.

Once you have chosen the domain, you have to choose the hosting. This is the place where your website is stored: all the programs, developments, images, videos, texts, plugins… that make it possible for it to work when accessed through an Internet browser.

The domain points to the hosting. Thus, when someone types that web address that you have chosen, they are shown your web page (that is, all the files stored on the hosting).

Types of hosting services

Each hosting company offers different plans with different storage capacities, databases, email systems… There are several types:

-Shared hosting: It hosts different pages on the same web server. Users share computer resources (CPU, processor, RAM, bandwidth, IP address, transfers) with other pages. If your website is small or does not need much updating, it may be an option.

-Virtual Private Hosting (VPS): The server is virtually divided into several parts and each website that shares it uses the assigned resources, without interfering with the others. If your website is very large or it is an e-commerce with many products, a VPS is undoubtedly best for you.

-Dedicated server: With this hosting you will have an exclusive server for your website and you will enjoy all the hardware and software resources.

-Cloud Hosting: This hosting divides the projects into several servers, which are connected to the cloud. This way if one fails, the impact is minimized.

Specific hosting for WordPress

If your website has been developed with this CMS, it is highly recommended to work with fully optimized WordPress hosting. For example, Hostinet offers this special configuration of its servers to get the most out of websites developed with WordPress.

There are many advantages that this type of hosting incorporates. For example, ease of use, since the cms usually comes installed as standard and with your hosting you have access to an easy and usable control panel, where you can manage your domains and services without major problems.

In the same way, if you already have your website on another hosting, they will take care of migrating it so that you do not have any inconvenience, avoiding having to deal with a migration yourself.

In all cases, the web server provided is LiteSpeed, which guarantees maximum efficiency and speed so that your WordPress loads as quickly as possible.

The servers are located in the company’s Data Center in Valencia, which is undoubtedly beneficial for the SEO positioning of your website. In addition, you have support in Spanish from Spain by specialized WordPress staff, who will help you with any questions or problems you have at all times.

And also, in all WordPress hosting plans -except the most basic- they offer you the domain for free.

What to take into account when choosing your hosting

When choosing your hosting for your WordPress website, in addition to knowing the types of existing hosting and the advantages of specific hosting for WordPress, you have to make sure that the company where you are going to hire it offers you the following:

-Daily backup systems: Even if it is a very safe cms and you try to minimize them, errors occur. Having daily backups will guarantee that if something happens, you will be able to reinstall a backup of your website as it was just a few hours ago.

-Speed: That your website loads quickly is essential to improve the user experience and to improve search engine positioning.

That is why it is essential that your hosting service works with NVMe disks, optimized for the performance of web pages and much faster than traditional disks, up to six times faster than traditional SSD disks. In addition, they have a higher storage capacity and overload the server less by having more writing and reading capacity, considerably reducing latency.

-SSL Certificate: Choose a hosting service that offers it to you for free. Thus, your website will use the https protocol, essential to be well positioned, and also to guarantee that it is a secure website, something very important if your website is an online store, for example.

-Security: That your hosting service offers you protection for your website against any malicious attack will be essential for the stability of your business. Nothing offers more peace of mind than your hosting service being secure. Likewise, it is recommended that you provide advanced spam filters.

-Technical maintenance: Don’t settle for those who offer you technical maintenance of your website as an extra. Make sure you hire one that includes it and offers 24/7 support.

Along with these features, remember others already mentioned such as the fact that the servers are in Spain, the free migration in case you want to transfer your website from another hosting provider.

All of these services and features are offered to you by Hostinet in its WordPress hosting plans, so you only have to worry about growing your business.

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