What’s new in Google’s password manager?

Chrome management passwords

Having a password manager is a good idea to ensure security and privacy when using numerous online services. Thanks to these programs, you can generate strong passwords and keep them safe, without them being accessible to cybercriminals and friends of the unwanted.

Google’s password manager can be used in Chrome on desktop and mobile

One of the most widely used password managers worldwide – besides 1Password – is Google’s password manager, which can be employed while browsing with Google Chrome. With it you can create, remember and autocomplete secure passwords on both desktop and mobile.

This manager is integrated both in Chrome and in mobiles with Android operating system, and you can also download it for your iPhone without problems. Google has just launched several new features that make it an even more recommendable program. They are the following:

-Uniform appearance on the network and in applications: Until now, the appearance of the password manager was different between mobile and desktop browser, but now the whole experience is uniform, identical for both Chrome and Android. In addition, passwords you have for the same sites or apps are now automatically grouped, and you can create a shortcut on the Android home screen to access your passwords with a single tap.

-Stronger password protection: Secure passwords can now be created on both desktop and mobile with any operating system. In this regard, the ability to generate passwords for iOS apps has been added when Chrome is set as the autocomplete provider.

-Password checking: Chrome automatically checks individual passwords and, in addition, the user can check them in bulk with Password Check, for an extra layer of confidence. From now on the manager will also alert for weak and reused passwords on Android. The warnings will reach all Chrome users on Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux.

-Simplifying access and password managementthe manager saves passwords when you log in, completes them when necessary and makes sure they are not compromised. But if, in addition, you want to add passwords to the manager yourself, you can now do it directly by hand.

In addition, thanks to the Touch-to-Login system on Android, secure login to sites is streamlined directly from an overlay at the bottom of the screen.

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