What’s new on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO for this weekend?

New releases of the week on HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

In the fourth week of October, in the middle of the second wave of the coronavirus and with several autonomous communities limited to or waiting for an alarm state to be declared, the main audiovisual entertainment platforms come to arm with a good handful of premieres in the form of films and series.

Netflix and HBO present a lot more news than Amazon Prime Video this weekend before Halloween

With the celebration of Halloween on the horizon and the hangover of the last big releases like “Bly Manor” or the long-awaited second season of “The Boys”, these are some of the main releases of the week of October 19-25.

What’s new on Netflix?

This week Netflix – a platform that has seen major changes due to the coronavirus – is releasing the remake of “Rebecca”, the Hitchcock classic that adapts the novel by Daphne Du Maurier, the protagonist of which (whose name we never know) falls in love with a wealthy heir and moves to Manderley after their wedding, where I remind him of his old wife Rebecca will pursue her.

The film “El Corpse” also premieres, a horror title about a hotel that offers a very special spectacle: a famine dinner. Finally, the platform brings “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”, the second part of the Harry Potter spin-off saga, in which Newt Scamander has to compete against Grindelwald.

In terms of series, Netflix presents the following premieres:

– “Unsolved riddles” (T2): Second season of the series seeking an explanation for six new cases that were never resolved.

– «Barbarians» (T1): Historical series depicting the struggle of the Roman Empire against the barbarian peoples. Historical intrigue, human relationships and betrayal.

– “The Queen’s Game” (T1): This is a miniseries, eagerly awaited by users and critics, that features Anya Taylor-Joy (“The Witch”) in the role of a young orphan with an extraordinary gift for chess.

– «Move» (T1): Docuserie about dancers and choreographers of different nationalities. Everyone will show in their own way how they feel the music.

Premieres on HBO

HBO premiered the documentary “537 Votes”, about the controversial number of votes in the 2000 US election, won by George Bush, and “How to with John Wilson” is now also available, a documentary series about New York that will delight lovers of the Big Apple. For series, this is the news:

– “Lovecraft Territory” (T1): This week opens a new chapter in the series based on the horror novel of the same name, set in New England in the 1960s, and in which racial problems are mixed with horror beyond our dimension.

– «The Spanish Princess» (T2): The second chapter of the second season of the series appears and invites us to relive the story of Catalina de Aragón, the daughter of the Catholic kings who is married to Enrique VII.

– «The Oath» (T1): Chapter 9 of the first season of the controversial documentary about the self-improvement group NXIVM and its leader Keith Ranier will also premiere throughout the week.

– “The third day” (T1): On Tuesday October 20th, Chapter 6 of this horror miniseries was released, in which reality is skewed when a man reaches the coast of a strange British island.

– «Primal» (T1): Also premiering this week is the eighth episode of the first season of this adult swim animated series, which tells the adventures of a caveman and a dinosaur, two stories born at opposite points: that of humans in the early stages of evolution and that of Dinosaurs on the verge of extinction.

Publications on Amazon Prime Video

This week Amazon Prime Video put the brakes on and only brings “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” together with the premiere of “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”, the second part of the comic documentary with Sacha Baron Cohen as Kazakh reporter Borat.

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