When Amazon Prime Day is celebrated

prime day

On July 12 and 13 will be held one more year the Prime Day, days in which Amazon pulls the house out the window with multiple and succulent offers. The good news is that in this 2022, and for the first time, there could be a second Prime Day to be held in the last quarter, most likely in October.

Amazon’s new fall discount event would not be called “Prime Day.”

During Prime Day there is a succession of discounts of up to 20% off on most of the products sold through Amazon and, due to the commercial success of these sales, Amazon has decided to set another date in the calendar on which this type of discounts will take place, although everything seems to indicate that on this occasion the day will receive a name other than Prime Day.

The information related to the possibility of this second Prime Day comes from the sellers themselves, to whom Amazon would have communicated its intentions so that they have enough time to have their product lines ready and that there are no problems of shortages.

And is that the celebration of Prime Day is a source of stress for producers, distributors and parcel companies by the significant increase in sales and shipments. This is why they require maximum anticipation. Therefore, even though the specific date of this second annual Amazon sale day if it is paramount to give months of advance notice to the entire chain of producers, stores and parcel companies.

It is also important not to forget the additional pressure that Amazon’s own employees are under during these workdaysthe number of orders and shipments to be placed and shipped is far exceeded.

In advance of Prime Day 2019 Amazon employees reported 12-hour workdays with no additional compensation for the hours and 55-hour workweeks while when Prime Day was noted.

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