When will be the second Amazon Prime Day in 2022?

prime day

To the already traditional Prime Day that Amazon organizes in summer and to which you can take advantage of its offers and discounts, joins for the first time a new one that will take place in October, and has already been officially announced the date (or, better yet, the dates, because they are two days) on which it will be held.

The Prime Day that Amazon will celebrate for the first time this fall will take place on October 11 and 12

In response to those two days of special offers and promotions that take place in summer are going to be added, at least this year, two other days are going to be added, on October 11 and 12, a new Prime Day in autumn with exclusive discounts and offers.

From 0:00 hours on Tuesday, October 11 and until Wednesday, October 12 at 23:59 hours, the latter day being a public holiday in Spain, so activity may increase on that day.

Although for the moment it has not been disclosed what exclusive offers there will be in this new autumn Prime Day are expected to be available on Amazon’s own product families (Kindle readers, Echo speakers, devices for SmartTV FireTV …), spread over the 48 hours of Prime Day. Some early bird offers, however, have been activated for Alexa-enabled devices.

The Prime Day offers are exclusive to Prime subscribers, Amazon’s premium mode that includes everything from free shipping to streaming content for music and movies or series, plus unlimited storage space in the Cloud for images or games and e-books. These benefits are obtained in exchange for an annual subscription of 49.99 euros.

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