Where and how can you bet on Formula 1?

The internet gambling sector has seen significant growth in the last year and thanks to its security, the ability to have fun from home – responsible behavior – it has become an alternative to online entertainment in an age of general mobility restrictions and the convenience of being connect anytime, anywhere.

Among the many opportunities it offers, sports betting is one of the primary claims for people looking to chat on the internet with the incentive of being able to generate income when the predictions and results are correct. In this area too, football is the king of sports, but shortly after Euro 2020 and in the middle of the football rest season, other disciplines are attracting all the attention.

Among them, Formula 1 stands out: highly competitive motorsport enthusiasts place their bets throughout the season, but now it’s also more attractive as there is no competition in other major sports and the race is more advanced. Additionally, there have been significant changes to the F1 schedule recently to cater to the needs of spectators worldwide, so be careful not to miss any of the races.

The various F1 Grand Prix are held throughout the summer – the next one will be the British Grand Prix – and knowing when they will take place allows each user to bet on their favorite drivers. Perhaps it will be Fernando Alonso who will cross the finish line first, or the other Spaniard Carlos Sainz. Both must face other competitors the stature of Hamilton and Verstappen, who are also for the top spots, to complete the podium.

Users can bet on the winner of each race as well as other interesting bets. For example, you can try to guess who will make the podium or who will be the first to leave the race, among other things.

In addition to Formula 1, this summer you can also bet on other equally exciting motorsport competitions such as NASCAR, as the Cup Series will be held during these weeks.

If you want to be entertained online and are a motor enthusiast, Formula 1 has plenty of joys for you this summer, as well as many other sports games to bet on as the football season resumes in mid-August.

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