Where and how to create customized emojis

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Emojis, as a graphical support that brings emotional information to written text, have become in recent years a revolutionary phenomenon in electronic conversation.

Emojis allow to graphically convey emotions and feelings by providing information that goes beyond the written word, nuancing and contextualizing texts

But although every time new and varied examples of how to convey information with a simple drawing are appearing, there may be times when the existing catalog is insufficient. It is time to create new emojis that can be used properly in the workplace or also emojis that can be applied to digital marketing.

And for this, nothing like resorting to the different platforms that allow the user to create customized emojis, able to illustrate the conversation with an innovative, original, funny and, in any case, expressly and concretely created by a user who is running short of the existing repertoire.

Of the different platforms listed below all of them allow not only the creation of new emojis but, in addition, those resulting from this creative process can be used in WhatsApp or Telegram, two of the most popular instant messaging applications.

-Angel Emoji Maker: This website offers a complete online editor from which to create all kinds of emojis with a large number of editable default designs with options such as zoom in, zoom out, move, edit, change layers, modify sizes, crop regions … You can add different features and facial elements such as mustaches, beards, glasses, hands, masks … plus the possibility of incorporating written text in the emoji itself.

Emoji Maker

-Bitmoji: Its specialty is to generate emojis and avatars capable of replicating quite faithfully the user’s appearance. By allowing to configure different aspects related to hair, eyes, skin tones or even clothing and footwear, the result can be a realistic avatar and very close to the physical appearance of the person concerned. Available in desktop, iOS and Android versions, the resulting emojis and avatars can be shared in any application.


-Elite Emoji: At the moment it is only available for Android this app that has a basic catalog of 2,000 stickers and high-definition emojis, to which you can add 5,000 messages, also being able to modify some features of the emoji itself. The result can be shared on different platforms, in addition to WhatsApp and Telegram, such as Instagram or Facebook Messenger.

emoji creator

-Flat Icon emoji Maker: This web tool does not need to be downloaded and offers multiple combinations and elements to create emoticons of your own design based on a very innovative flat color aesthetic, dispensing with shading and volumes.

web emojis

-Gboard Emoji Kitchen: It does not require the download of any software, although there is also a downloadable version for Android that can be configured as a default keyboard. This tool allows to combine two different emojis to get a mix of both in a very simple way. The resulting emojis can be shared on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, LinkedIn, Signal, Telegram, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Emoji Kitchen

-Pizap: Available for iOS and Android, its main differentiating feature is the original design of the elements with which to compose the faces of the emojis, endowed with a less schematic appearance than usual, closer to the most crazy and carefree cartoon. You can also incorporate text in the emoji itself.

Pizap web

-Zmoji: The peculiarity of this app, available for iOS and Android, is that it generates an avatar from a photograph, so a selfie can be transformed into an avatar or an emoji in a very simple way and, in addition, getting as close as possible to the real appearance of the protagonist of the image.

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