Where can I check the 2021 Lotería del Niño numbers?

The extraordinary raffle for the 2021 child’s lottery has just been held, the traditional raffle that takes place on Epiphany and whose origins go back to 1861.

The raffle for the children’s lottery has been taking place since 1861

It’s become a tradition almost as important as the extraordinary Christmas lottery that marks the start of the Christmas holidays, and this other El Niño draw could close it down and give away a good handful of millions of euros as well.

As every year, the prizes are widespread, but in addition to the first prize, there are numerous smaller prizes and multiple refunds in this raffle, making it a lot of tenth winners. If you want to know if something has touched you, you can now check with full guarantee over the internet that you have been graceful.

The best you can do if you want to Check if you have won anything in the El Niño lottery raffleis to go to the National Lottery official website as it is the official website of the National State Lottery and Gambling Agency and is therefore the most reliable when it comes to checking winning numbers. It has a search engine where you can type in your tithing number and know immediately if you were one of the lucky ones.

You can also use the official application from the state lottery and betting agency. It’s free, available for iOS and Android, and is instantly updated with all competitions. This allows you to check your tickets in real time and know which administrations sold the winning numbers and which were the preferred locations.

The Sociedad Estatal de Loterías and Apuestas del Estado (SELAE) has an official application for Android phones and for the iPhone that allows you to scan the tenth and see if it has been awarded.

In all these applications you can check all the results of the 2021 child raffle, but also those of other draws: Bono Loto, Euromillón … In addition to the official applications, you can also check others such as the Tulotero app, where you can buy tickets and You will receive a message when you have been awarded – the iPremio app (only available for iOS), the lottery scanner app, the my lottery app … and you can also find all the information about the winning numbers on the websites of the most important ones General information newspapers and that of Radio Televisión Española.

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