Where can I check the Covid restrictions in each area in Spain?

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QueCovid.es is a website created by a group of students from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) where you can get advice Restrictions on mobility imposed in every area of ​​Spain.

QueCovid.es uses the information published in the BOE so that users can see the restrictions imposed in each region of Spain

Spain is currently experiencing the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. To stop the new rise in infections and to recommend the use of the Radar Covid app, some regional and provincial governments have decided to take measures such as restricting mobility between autonomous regions and even temporarily detaining houses. because Each autonomous community has a different strategyIt is difficult to know what can and cannot be done in each area of ​​the territory.

Quecovid.es Covid Restrictions Page

QueCovid.es provides users with all the information about the various measures that are being taken any area of ​​the country. To do this, simply access the page and enter the zip code of the area to be consulted. An interactive map is displayed with the specified location and a drop-down list with the active restrictions in the area so that all information is available to the user.

In this list, users can find information about community closings, night mobility restrictions, social gathering restrictions, alcohol sales restrictions, hotel and restaurant capacities, facility and commercial space restrictions. Capacity restrictions in cinemas, theaters and the like, restrictions on hospitality, restrictions on opening times for gardens and outdoor areas, capacity in open-air markets and capacity restrictions in shopping centers and parks.

Interactive map of Quecovid.es

All the information that is displayed on the website is extracted from the Official gazettes (BOE) and is updated every 24 hours. The websites also have a responsive design This enables users to consult in real time and from anywhere on their mobile devices. A countdown will be displayed on the QueCovid.es homepage to know when the state of alert imposed by the Spanish government will end on November 4th.

For users who have to travel outside Spain for professional reasons, the information from QueCovid.es can be supplemented by the information from Covid Controls, a similar website, but with information on the entry and exit restrictions of all countries in the world.

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