Where can you see the individual country restrictions for COVID-19?

Covid Controls website

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in house arrest, border closings and severe restrictions on mobility and social activity. Every country has Your own limitationsSo knowing what can be done in each country or in which country the borders are closed can be a bit complicated.

Covid Controls is a website that can be very helpful for all users who need to travel

To learn how the pandemic is developing and to get real-time data, you can consult Google Maps and many other official applications. However, today we are going to talk about it Covid controlsThis is a webpage created to provide users with all the information about the restrictions imposed by each country. In this way it is possible to know Which countries can you travel to?which not, and which restrictive measures are each of them taking to stop the Covid-19 pandemic.

The operation is very simple, the website shows a map of the whole world in the Every country has a color. Each nation can be colored green, yellow, or red. In this sense, the colors act like a kind of traffic light: countries in green allow the free entry and exit of travelers, countries in yellow have entry restrictions and countries in red have completely banned the entry of travelers.

When accessing the website, the user must indicate their country of origin and the nations to which they have traveled in the last 14 days. Next, the map will be colored, showing open, closed and restricted goals in the above colors. There is also a list of countries you can travel to on the left, and clicking on each country expands the information on access conditions. For example, it details whether the user should perform a PCR on arrival in the country or if it should be kept in isolation.

Covid controls information

Among the additional information, the user will also have access to data and statistics about the virus, showing the number of infected people, as well as predictions about the trend of the pandemic in the country.

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